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Vojislav D. Dević, academician of ISA, the director of the STRATEG PROJEKT, the adviser of the Geographical Institute of SASA “Jovan Cvijić”, Miloša Bajića 7, 21 000 Novi Sad, Serbia    atelje_devic@yahoo.com
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Human civilization has faced serious (known) crises like economic, ecological and energetic, but those (less known) which affect the essence of human being like the collapse of ethical standards, the lack of compassion and shame, disappearing of love and dedication to our fellow beings as well as the lack of positive transfiguring creativity towards the world and the man are not spoken about enough. Up to now, the civilization has been developing on separation, division, conflicts and fission. The survival and faster development and the higher level of civilization demand general communication, union of interests, cooperation, peace and fusion. The realization of THE CENTRE FOR PANHARMONIOUS TRANSFIGURATION OF THE MAN AND THE WORLD should become a foundation stone of the new, healing, sublime-loving, peacemaking civilization that should provide the respect of all human beings and their experience.


The mission of the project

THE CENTRE FOR PANHARMONIOUS TRANSFIGURATION OF THE MAN AND THE WORLD- CENPANTRANS is conceived as an institution that will contribute to the survival and the development of  human civilization for the welfare of the whole humankind..

The vision of the project

The vision is to gather all the achievements of the civilization, all the representatives of influential institutions and creative forces on one place. In the optimistic version this Centre could become the core of the CAPITAL CITY of the human civilization.

The aim of the project

The primary aim is to stop limited and acquired natural resources of the planet Earth being worn away on the conflicts among the interest groups, but, on the whole, on the quicker development of the whole mankind. With the synergy of knowledge and the activities of creative institutions and individuals, with the support of the countries, religious institutions, financial entity and individuals it is possible to accelerate the global development to the extent that the meaning of life and the feeling of civilizational sense of belonging is felt by every human being. Modern life should be relieved from fear, poverty and loneliness so that every human being could develop their creative strengths and contribute to the modern world.
In the sequence of activities that would contribute to the realization of the project, it seems logical that this project is supported first by the UN whose Charter consists the same or similar aims. The project could, with God’s providence, be realized in any sovereign country that is ready to take responsibility for the transfiguration of mankind and the world.


In the author’s opinion, according to the legal status, the complex of the CENTRE would be a part of the UN, and the manager of the project also from the UN, or its specially established branch. Thus, the global significance and the frame for the promotion and the realization of the CENPANTRANS project would be given global significance. With this project the UN could strengthen its weakened reputation in the world community by initiating gathering and aggregation of all the existing elites in order to realize this super civilizational project.


The total area necessary for the realization of the CENPANTRANS is 6 square kilometers. City planning-architectural concept, inspired by both the plan of Plato’s Atlántida and the structure of atoms, enables CENPANTRANS to be simultaneously on land and on water, and to consist of seven concentric semi-circled rings among and around which concentric water surfaces are spread, and in their common core there is a neutral area in the shape of an island. 
In those concentric semi-circled rings the promotional pavilions of all the world countries, of the provinces and most important corporations of the state-host, the temples of the most important religions, the most powerful world corporations, pavilions of all cultures and art, pavilions for entertainment, sports, science, technology and medicine with the central island and the central core are built. The centre can be reached by land, water and air. For general safety, all entrances to the CENPANTRANS are monitored with cameras and scanners.


Depending on the choice of the place (country for its location), total land area, contents of the activities and the number of floors of the promotional pavilions, recruited staff, information system, the  approximate net area to build would be between 5 and 10 million square meters and the approximate value of the construction between 10 and 20 billion Euros.


The UN members and other power centers (international and transnational companies, churches, banks, non-governmental humanitarian organizations, foundations and elites of all structures) as well as powerful individuals and every human of goodwill who believes in the sense and the importance of this project i.e. in the necessity of its realization.
Financial resources of all donors and sponsors are registered and collected. The initial resources for the elaboration of the project would enable the elaboration of the concept, programs and plans and finally other expenses would be building sites of the promotional pavilions or individual locations for the promotional pavilions. By the valuation of the locations the resources invested into  pre-planner and planner phase of the work can be restored and reinvested, depending on the donors and with as agreed with the manager of the project.


Depending on the time necessary for the acceptance of the project (2009), on the time necessary for making a detailed project and feasibility studies (2010-2011), the dynamics of the realization, after completing the financial construction, would be within 3 to 5 years, so from 2012 until 2015-2018.


For the human civilization: instead of conflicts-cooperation between the power centers, instead of wars-peace, instead of destruction-creative work, instead of fission-fusion, then resolving ethical, ecological and energetic problems, the advancement of personal and general standard, the advancement of preventive medicine, healthy food and healthy living, the continuation of the research and the beginning of the colonization of the cosmos by human beings, general cooperation of people  of different religions, nations, cultures and professions aiming at higher interests of mankind.
For the managers of the project and its participants: financial effects (space renting, business, tourist and missionary visits), social responsibility for the future of the man and the world and the reputation of avant-garde initiators and realizators of the foundation of a new renaissance of mankind in the 21st century.
For individuals: first-hand experience of the entirety of the wealth and the diversity of the world, man, power centers and human activities and  the temptation of  critical and sublime-loving participation in one’s own transfiguration and new renaissance of the 21st century.
For the country in which the project will be located: world reputation and incomes from the logistic support and the supply of CENPANTRANS, infrastructural, business and tourist transfers.

Serbia, Novi Sad, 1 September 2009


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