Author Vojislav D. Dević, academician of ISA, the director of  STRATEG PROJEKT, the  adviser of the Geographical Institute of SASA “Jovan Cvijić”, Miloša Bajića 7, 21 000 Novi Sad,  Serbia,
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Human civilization has faced serious (known) crises like economic, ecological and energetic, but those (less known) which affect the essence of human being like the collapse of ethical standards, the lack of compassion and shame, disappearing of love and dedication to our fellow beings as well as the lack of positive transfiguring creativity towards the world and the man are not spoken about enough.
The world and the matter are in the negative inertion, people and civilizations too. The abuse of the matter and biological life basis  is growing day by day. The leaders of human kind are bearing an enormous responsibility for more and more vulnerable and endangered world. The media is bombing us with the reports about economic and financial crisis, about illnesses and pandemics, about wars, coups d’état and world terrorism, about global climate imbalance and local disasters (floods, tsunami,  tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, the extinction of flora and fauna.).
There are not enough news and  programmes that try to understand the cause of all these destructions, their interconnection and  interdependence , their entropy with further unpredictable consequences. There is very little fundamental research in the correlation of every person, like microcosm rays , with another person and mankind, with the living world, with material world, with the planet Earth, with the stars and  the macrocosm in general, research in the interweaving and permeating as well as the possibilities of general transfiguration of the world, transfiguration of the vision, mission, aims, strategies and the power of every human being.
The mankind has lost thousands and thousands of years, the lives of hundreds of generations have been destroyed in the conflicts and destructions of natural, material and cultural goods between the emperors, kings, religions, states, nations, political systems, cultures, economic and banking corporations. Evil and injustice generated by all those conflicts were and even today are reflected in the daily life of the majority of mankind. It is not easy to evade the conflicts but it is certainly possible to aim at and work on their solutions in favour of both sides involved in them. It is the method of transfiguring conflicts into a positive peaceful outcome.
The messianisms and messianic messages of traditional monotheistic and other religions and churches or newfangled sects, then scientific recommendations of university professors and academicians, philosophical and artistic gurus, experts in economy, economics and finance, non-government organizations and self-thought individuals have succeeded for themselves and for the clientele that believes them and are carried away by their dogmatic system of values and special mantras, yantras or some algorithms. There are not many people who understand that all those single images of the world, beliefs, mantras and religious, scientific philosophical, artistic, and economic messianisms are in the common interest conflict and that their former practice has not reached a positive and harmonious transformation of the world. A single human being fighting for a “personal” mythology, philosophy, religion, culture, art, race, nation, language, political system, science, technology, economic activity, sport, entertainment and hobby has often entered into a conflict not only with those who are fighting for another religion and culture, for another race and nation, for another language and political system, for another science, technology and economic activity, for other sports, entertainment and hobbies but they also realized that they are very often in conflict with themselves when they see that all those systems and ways do not lead to a unique universal aim of omni harmony and pan harmony but they divide, disunite, split  and provoke conflicts in reality as well as in the destruction of reality.
Most people, devastated by and involved in a daily struggle for mere biological survival in space and time can hardly free themselves from thoughts and conclusions “that this world is unfair and that it is ruled by evil” and that there are only three ways in which a man can be saved: (1) by joining, adjusting and serving that evil, (2) struggling against that evil or (3) giving up this world and building a virtual, imaginary world with particular ideas, psychic and psychophysical techniques, benumbing, isolation and ignoring the existing reality. Unfortunately, none of these ways can help a human being to act in a creative and positive way both towards themselves and towards the world.
Taking the first way, the way of submission to split reality which the split power centres are trying to rule, a human being is thrown around like a straw in the wind, they are humiliated, exploited but above all they get rid of responsibility to realize their own mission and their own power of transfiguration. No matter which power centre an individual decides to serve during their lives, they will, sooner or later, lead themselves to the feeling of helplessness, alienation and hatred both for themselves and for the source of that alienation. Every type of hatred brings forth violence towards ourselves or the others and such a person cannot become creative or useful for the transfiguration of the whole society.
The second way, the way of struggling against iron-bond and split reality, against the existing power centres, institutions, systems and traditional values leads a human being towards rebellion and revolutionary and terrorist activities that lead towards violence, first in our minds, then in our words and in the end in our actions as well. Sometimes revolutionary activities even succeed to overthrow the existing system and to impose their own new system of values which becomes dominant and as such, although new, imposes the chains of reality and introduces repression and submission in another way. Many revolutionaries realized, during their lives, that a new system created with revolutionary violence cannot be maintained, for long, without force, i.e. without new violence. The hearts of revolutionaries are in a constant fear of counter-revolution. Taking the second revolutionary way, the struggle against evil regimes, can sometimes lead to a sort of improvement for a part of a society, but for long, no violence can be positive and bring a lasting improvement to the civilization. Every violence is remembered and becomes a constant tool for resolving problems when it comes to the crunch. The use of force, sooner or later, causes counter-force.
Taking the third way of giving up and ignoring the existing split reality by creating a separate parallel fictive reality, using natural or artificial drugs, contemplative techniques, religious beliefs, psychic mantras or imagination a human being gives up their mission in this world. They give up the temptation of the possibility of transfiguration and their material part as microcosm in order to transfigure even the material part of macrocosm. The interweaving and permeating of the spirit, soul and body is the most magnificent human mission. Giving up vibrations of their own body, a human being gives up cosmic vibrations. Escaping the entirety of their own being, they escape the entirety of the universe diminishing thus their place, their importance and their power in the transfiguration of themselves and the world. Giving up the plentitude and omnipotence they play a defensive game with themselves and with the world, so that they anaesthetize, deaden, benumb, and euthanize themselves. An individual nirvana does not free the society nor transfigures the world.
On the whole, all the three ways are legitimate and traditional and as such they will always exist, like Pavlov’s reflex, as three usual approaches and attitudes to reality, but they cannot and will not improve the existing state of split reality whose parts and participants are in a constant conflict. There is not such a place in the world today, there is not a single state, a political organization, religion, science, art or economic activity (except the Internet) that will permanently make possible not only a direct insight and experience into the existing state of different approaches to reality on one place in the form of organized group of representatives and participants, but also the insight into actions and plans for overcoming the fatal consequences of the interest conflict of big and small power centres, i.e. the insight into strategic projects for transfiguration of the man and the world in the positive sense of pan harmony.

2. Vision, mission, aims and strategies

In order to achieve not the fourth way of understanding and approaching reality, but the synthesis of all the three ways it would be necessary to find at least one place, if not even more, in the world on which the whole history of the world could be experienced, the total of all human attempts and actions in the fields of the states, religions, economy, culture, philosophy, sport, entertainment, science, technology and information technology.

With the realization of the projectTHE CENTRE OF PANHARMONIOUS TRANSFIGURATION OF THE MAN AND THE WORLD which, juxtaposing all the political achievements, religions, science, art and economy since the beginning of the world, can enable the exchange of ideas of those who are constant founders and bearers of the centre. Those who visit the centre will experience the richness of the world and the pluralism of interests. They will also have the possibility of personal isolation and separation of the concise world of today, thinking about it, and the possibility of the perception of its essence and flaws as well as the discovery of their own place, power, mission and role with the purpose of their own transfiguration. Those who are enlightened and transfigured can, immediately on the spot or after they have returned to their environment, address the institutions and individuals with suggestions, plans and active participation in order to transfigure them gradually and aiming at human civilization support the pulse and the breath of life and not the pulse and the call of the death.
The strategy of this CENPANTRANS is to become a place of the initiation and new enlightenment, then a place of the perception of one’s own restrictions and flaws and the ones of the existing reality, and in the end, and not less important, it is the place of the decisions to transfigure the man and the world in a pan harmonious way. Thus, this project has also a soteriological function, but in a non-violent way. Every man should perceive the concise world of today and the lack of its unity that exists in it and around it, then to suppress the violence in it and around it, and to reveal its own power of transfiguration and bringing good to the community as well as the possibility to sum up the positive strains of the whole mankind. The major discipline that can contribute to the true transfiguration of mankind and the world is  the promotion, studying and practicing the holy triad of honest, sublime-loving thought, honest and sublime-loving speech and correct and sublime-loving action.

3. The location for the realization of the project   

Such a place, a CENTRE OF PANHARMONIOUS TRANSFIGURATION OF THE MAN AND THE WORLD, in which the elements of human achievement and effort would be gained and arranged, practically the summary of the history of the world and all the past and future civilisations, a mosaic of the mainsprings of the past and the present, a sort of a museum and fair of the disciplines by which the man tries to understand, to discover and manage himself, the planet and the universe, could be organized and built in one of the sovereign western countries (Canada, Switzerland, USA, Great Britain, Brazil, Venezuela, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Australia) or in one of the sovereign eastern countries (Russia, Kazahstan, India, Japan, China, Iran, Turkey, Libia and Egypt) or on the territory of the conflicts between east and west like, for example,  Serbia, or in a country where political, cultural , religious and economic  elite has a call and providence to fight for the improvement of not only its own country but of the whole planet Earth as well. 

Uniting the efforts of all nations, religions, cultures, economies and other disciplines of human activities state-host  could become the leading country of the 21st century civilisation.
Everything that is big and significant needs an incredible force, has no creativity and construction without risk. It is necessary to create a culture of the world peace that can become a mutual legacy of all people today and tomorrow.

City planning-architectural concept

The total area necessary for the realisation of the CENTRE OF TRANSFIGURATION is about 6 square kilimeters. City planning-architectural concept, inspred by both the plan of Plato’s Atlantida and the construction of the atom itself, enables the CENTRE OF TRANSFIGURATION to be on both earth and water, and to be composed of seven concentric semicircled rings among which concentric water areas are spread, and in the common core an island with another island inside is situated.
The whole CENTRE OF  PANHARMONIOUS TRANSFIGURATION OF THE MAN AND THE WORLD represents a reduced analogon of the world’s entirety and of the entirety of the mankind and a rival meeting place of those different on all levels and it should enable civilizational  correctness for an open exchange of the ideas and for the promotion of strategic projects for pan harmonious non violent transfiguration of the world.
The centre can be approached either by land (on foot, on the rollerblades, by bicycle or by special ecological vehicles under electrical power, like those used on golf courts) or by water (by small ecological boats and small sailing boats). Besides water and land ring roads there are two semi-spiral (one water and one land) roads by which the central field can be approached. In the contact zones of the CENTRE OF PANHARMONIOUS TRANSFIGURATION OF THE MAN AND THE WORLD parking areas for tens of thousands motor vehicles are planned and on water the areas for binding and suppliance of thousands of yachts and sailing boats. For general safety, all entrances to the CENPANTRANS are monitored with   cameras and scanners.
1. The first semicircle is planned for the promotional pavilion of all the world countries and it could be called the UN circle.
2. The second semicircle is planned for the promotional pavilions of state-host provinces and as well as corporations and the most significant companies of state-host.
3. The third semicircle is planned for the promotional temples of all the world religions.
4. The fourth semicircle is planned for the promotional pavilions of all agricultural and economic activities of the most significant corporations in the world (Wal-Mart Stores, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Toyota Motor, Chevron, ING Group, Total, General Motors, ConocoPhillips, Daimler, General Electric, Ford Motor, Fortis, AXA, Sinopec, Citigroup, Volkswagen, Dexia Group, HSBC Holdings, BNP Paribas, Allianz, Crédit Agricole, State Grid, China National Petroleum, Deutsche Bank, ENI, Bank of America Corp., AT&T, Berkshire Hathaway, UBS, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Carrefour, Assicurazioni Generali, American International Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, Siemens, Samsung Electronics, ArcelorMittal, Honda Motor, Hewlett-Packard, Pemex, Société Générale, McKesson, HBOS, International Business Machines, Gazprom, Hitachi, Valero Energy, Nissan Motor, Tesco, E.ON, Verizon Communications, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, Deutsche Post, Metro, Nestlé, Santander Central Hispano Group, Statoil Hydro, Cardinal Health, Goldman Sachs Group, Morgan Stanley, Petrobras, Deutsche Telekom, Home Depot, Peugeot, LG, Électricité de France, Aviva, Barclays, Fiat, Matsushita Electric Industrial, BASF, Credit Suisse, Sony, Telefónica, UniCredit Group, BMW, Procter & Gamble, CVS Caremark, UnitedHealth Group, Hyundai Motor, U.S. Postal Service, France Télécom, Vodafone, SK Holdings, Kroger, Nokia, ThyssenKrupp, Lukoil, Toshiba, Repsol YPF, Boeing, Prudential, Petronas, Amerisource Bergen, Suez, Munich Re Group, Costco Wholesale, Merrill Lynch, etc.).
5. The fifth semicircle is planned for all the cultures and arts of the world.
6. The sixth semicircle is planned for the entertainment pavilions and promotional sports grounds for all the world sports.
7. The seventh semicircle is planned for the promotional science, technological and medicine pavilions.
8. NEUTRUM, the central axis of all the seven semicircles and the central area of the whole complex, represents a neutral field in the shape of an island on which, as a balance spot, every human being can try to, at least for some time, escape from compulsions, responsibilities and dogmas imposed by functions and activities arranged within seven semicircles. The functions represented in the area of seven semicircles exist within usefully accelerated and civilizationally spun time. The neutral field should enable its visitors a temporary escape from such utilitarian, accelerated and spun time. From the transnational, transreligious, transdisciplinary and trans medial neutral space level the visitors can alter and improve their attitude towards the organized reality offered by the institutions and participants within the seven semicircles. Such a transformed attitude should result from all the three existing attitudes to reality, so that such a transformed pan harmonious person could come back to split and militant reality and have a positive effect on it with their good thoughts, words and actions aiming at its pan harmonious individual and universal transfiguration.
8.1. Central island is surrounded with a high mirror wall so that every person who has passed and visited all the seven semicircles, approaching the neutral field can see themselves in the mirror and behind themselves the whole complex. From the seven semicircles it is not possible to view the central island. All those who have stepped onto the central field cannot observe the events on the seven semicircles and so they can form a neutral opinion about themselves, the whole complex of the centre and about the whole world.
8.2.Inside the mirror wall a media circle is planned (besides the internet, TV, radio and press rooms as media support to the CENTRE OF PANHARMONIOUS TRANSFIGURATION there are the toilets as well) in which all those who think that they have come up with some ideas, conception or projects after the visit of NEUTRUM, can present them to institutions and to the whole world. Such a peripheral media circle in the neutral field becomes the major world informative and promotional centre of strategic projects for the transfiguration of the man and the world.
8.3. Behind the media circle there is a double circle tree avenue, an alley of maples, cedars, spruces and oaks, which makes people feel pleasant when they need peripatetic walks as a stimulus for thinking, learning and making decisions.
8.4. The neutral field is arranged into eight different kinds of landscapes that should enable every visitor a free choice and optimal pleasant feeling for relaxation, thinking, experiencing the initiative essence of the whole centre devising strategic projects, plans and programmes for personal transfiguration and sublime-loving acting towards and influencing the existing institutions, the whole world and the planet Earth. The neutral field unites time and space into many free landscape forms. All that happens in space happens also in time. The concepts of time and space are unique. All the landscapes are interconnected with circle, elliptical and concentric paths, porches and alleys. In the neutral field, in the inspiring landscapes, there are no shops, no trade, no entertainment, no restaurants or coffee bars, no hotels, one can only drink quality water from public taps. Moving through different kinds of landscapes visitors should gradually free themselves from tension, utilitarian and spun time of the modern civilization and get ready for the next space and time frame.

9. From each of the eight landscape forms one can cross a tangential bridge over the last inner water circle and step into the core of the neutral field.  This core represents the key of the whole CENTRE OF PANHARMONIOUS TRANSFIGURATION OF THE MAN AND THE WORLD. The core of the neutral field should enable every visitor a personal feeling and experience of “the eye of a hurricane” or the perception that every transfiguration of the man and the world should be approached from a neutral point, from a central balance position so that those transfigurations can be done in a pan harmonious way. The core of the neutral field is an incubator of a personal experience that every whirlwind and spin have their central field in which their activity is not intense enough. The neutral field ground is built in a form of the mosaic, whose elements are hexagonal or like a honeycomb. All the founders and all those who have promotional pavilions (world states, Canadian provinces, territories and corporations, religions, cultures and art forms, agricultural and economic corporations, entertainment and sports, science, technology and medicine) are built in a peripheral frieze on which a symbolic circle dance and the sense of community of the whole mankind is presented. The inside is covered with a lawn over which there is a light bulb shaped construction on the pendentives, which is completely transparent and could be opened and closed depending on the weather. On the middle lawn there are no structures, signs or symbols. The satellites with solar mirrors cast the light and warm up this dome, the core of the neutral fields with natural sunlight day and night all the four seasons.
In the neutral environment, every visitor of the neutral field has a chance to awaken in themselves the light which is not from this world, to strengthen their personal motivation and to perceive themselves and the world in all their divisions, conflicts, progress and transfiguration and beaming and transfigured so, come back into the world which is not perfect or to transfigure it in a sublime-loving and creative way aiming at its pan harmony. Every man finds the desired fulcrum up to a point in which they succeed freeing themselves from the bondage of thoughts, feelings and perception   related to daily worries about survival, towards eternal principles of all that exists. Transfiguration is the enlightenment that is achieved by inseparable care towards unity. Every person is enlightened in an individual way. Every person is expected to act constantly in a specific way of the necessity of pan cosmic efficiency and evolution.
A sublime-loving ethos of action wants from people the strength and the unity of thoughts, words and deeds. Man is capable to invest strength and effort to transfigure the world by extracting its dark nature. The enlightenment sets people free from dogmas and imposed adoration and invites the man to be a creator and an accomplice in the divine creation and the arrangement of the world and not only to save themselves. In this core of the neutral world it is possible for every enlightened visitor to become spiritual and kind-hearted adult who works on their own and other people’s transfiguration proportionally to their personal elevation and ethical pleading and performance.
The meaning and the essence of the whole CENPANTRANS is to enable the awakening, forgiveness and love towards the sublime-loving transfiguration of both its visitors, users and founders and the contemporary civilization as well. The central territory for the realization of the project THE CENTRE OF PANHARMONIOUS TRANSFIGURATION OF THE MAN AND THE WORLD will come into sight by providence, either in Canada or in any other sovereign country that is ready to take the responsibility for the transfiguration of the future of the humankind and the world.

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